Indonesia reclaimed wood furniture affordable available for wholesale including tables and chairs, benches, desks and more other collections made from recycled and reclaimed teak furniture with custom manufacturing convenient.

Indonesia reclaimed wooden furniture

Unique items from popular known wood crafted from Indonesia, beauty crafted by wood Specialists creates handmade and custom reclaimed wood furniture also open for custom made, exotic decor ideas from well known various artisans specializing in customized order, using responsible all about quality and service with indispensable design benches, chairs and tables and many more.

Piguno are always creating new designs especially from reclaimed materials based on quality and extensive custom Indonesia furniture. Beautiful selection of materials and design to give sophisticated very wood prior and beautiful built.

Many kinds of reclaimed wood furniture such as for bedroom furniture, dining tables, coffee table, book shelves, headboard, sofa sets, desks up to reclaimed wood wall and flooring all available to be produced. Home decor designs creations made in Indonesia furniture uses reclaimed wood for better creation of Indonesia furniture at affordable prices and available  wholesale terms.

PIGUNO – Indonesia furniture
Jl. Solo Yogya KM.26 Penggung, Ceper, Klaten 57465, Central Java, Indonesia
Phone : +62  272 555 888 or +62  272 555 777
Contact Person : Ari (Mr) Email :

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